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california detox centers

Maynords accepts several forms of health insurance and self-pay, but they do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. The Ranch Recovery Centers is an evidence-based facility that walks each of their clients through the detoxification process prior to enrolling them in an individualized residential program. Clients begin with a bio-psycho-social assessment that helps to determine what areas of the client’s life need to be treated and which of the available services are capable of doing so. The residential program may consist of psychotherapy, anger management classes, relapse prevention training, trauma therapy, peer-led support groups, addiction education, and recreational activities. The Ranch location specifically offers treatment to men, but other locations offer help to women and adolescents as well.

  1. The fine and punishment are in accordance with the number of drugs in possession.
  2. Treatment services include residential programs, detoxification, and day treatment.
  3. For residents of California, there is a wealth of options for both inpatient and outpatient treatment available in-state.
  4. This facility also employs breathwork in order to reduce stress and address underlying traumas that may be present.

Extent Of Alcoholism Problem In California

The center offers an intensive inpatient alcohol rehab exclusively for women, focusing on their specific needs and family situations. The luxury accommodations and world-class amenities at this alcohol rehab center in California ensure that clients can heal in privacy amidst serene and peaceful surroundings. Ocean Recovery provides access to several levels of care in order to accommodate all clients and their individual recovery needs. This rehab program is located right on the beach and offers a serene living facility where clients can step away from everyday stressors and commit to the recovery process fully. Each program is initially made up of evidence-based therapies like CBT, experiential activities, somatic experiencing, EMDR, and brainspotting. Clients will also be offered a list of holistic activities that create a more well-rounded approach to total wellness.

california detox centers

First Steps Recovery

Forward Recovery is a drug rehab center that offers a wide range of treatment programs for addiction disorders in the Los Angeles area. Its case managers, behavioral technicians, counselors, and doctors build personalized treatment plans for each client after conducting drug and dual diagnosis assessments. They provide detoxification services and treat patients with addiction-related mental health disorders. The staff leads group and individual therapy sessions to discharge life skill lessons that help with recovery and preventing relapses.

Client-Centered Programs at our Drug and Alcohol Rehab

It offers inpatient programs to detox from drugs and alcohol, with medical professionals on hand to prescribe medications to alleviate symptoms and keep patients physically and mentally safe. During treatment programs, patients participate in a range of therapies, including group therapy, trauma therapy, and family therapy to help with relapse prevention and a successful long-term recovery. Executives battling alcoholism can seek treatment at this rehabilitation center for alcohol and drugs in complete privacy and unmatched luxury.

Do California Rehab Centers Offer Outpatient Treatment?

Addiction treatment in California is typically customized to meet the needs of each patient. The length and structure of your treatment program depends on your unique characteristics and treatment recovery and new life at chelsea house goals. In addition, expansions of Medicaid in California (Medi-Cal) made addiction treatment and other healthcare services available to a larger number of residents in the state.

Resurgence California is a drug and alcohol rehab facility that offers each of their clients a full continuum of care, allowing them to walk through the treatment process at their own pace. Most clients begin with residential treatment where they are offered healing living spaces, an on-site chef, and exercise rooms. Residents are also allowed to bring their pets with them while they stay in this facility. Some of the therapies that are offered at Resurgence California include CBT, individual therapy, group therapy, biofeedback, art therapy, and alumni support. Resurgence California also provides access to virtual therapies, SMART Recovery, 12-step programs, and rational emotive behavioral therapy. Each client will have access to an entire treatment team of certified medical professionals who help guide each individualized treatment plan to ensure clients receive the level and quality of care needed.

Pathways Recovery Center, Azusa, California

california detox centers

The length of your drug rehab program will depend on your individual needs, as well as the progress you make toward recovery. Some patients may need to spend only a few months in treatment, while others may remain in outpatient treatment indefinitely. While some of these programs are intensive in nature and designed for the beginning of the recovery process, others are designed to act as a transition from more structured treatment programs to independent living.

Every client will also have time to themselves to use the computer, watch movies, journal, meditate, or simply enjoy the beautiful views. Some of the top-tier amenities available here include private rooms, spa-like bathrooms, 180-degree ocean views, and a spacious terraced backyard. Broadway offers all the comforts of home with the tools and techniques necessary for achieving long-term sobriety. Aftercare will typically consist of post-discharge follow-up phone calls, access to weekly alumni support groups, and much more.

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If you or a loved one is experiencing alcohol and drug addiction, healing and recovery are possible with our Four Seasons rehab. Additionally, our drug and alcohol addiction treatment options are tailored to each patient’s unique condition and needs. Our Four Seasons rehab center is a substance abuse treatment center for men and women.

This rehab facility has an intensive outpatient program (IOP) that meets about three times a week. A typical program will consist of art therapy, individual and family counseling, and more. Depending on the rehab center, either private insurance such as UnitedHealthcare plans, or public insurance, such as Medi-Cal for addiction treatment, may be accepted. Listed below are additional rehab centers in California that offer residential treatment.

california detox centers

Our inpatient detox center in Sacramento has the tools necessary to help a patient go through their detox, as well as through the next steps of rehabilitation. Detox alone is not a substitute for rehab, but it is the necessary first step that works to flush the body of harmful toxins that have been building up over time. California Recovery Center’s drug rehab in Roseville is prepared to help you detox safely and successfully. We offer a range of programs designed specifically for people with substance use disorders, including detoxification, inpatient treatment, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient and standard outpatient therapy.

The team at this alcoholism rehab conducts a thorough evaluation at the time of admission to identify triggers in a client’s home, social, and professional environment. In addition to detox treatments, this facility provides healing on a spiritual level. The staff is also trained in the treatment of co-occurring trauma and PTSD for comprehensive addiction therapy. Obtain more information about one of California’s best alcohol rehabilitation programs by visiting the Paragon Recovery website.

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Services may include acupuncture, equine therapy, or science-backed behavioral therapies. Broadway Treatment Center is an addiction recovery center in Huntington Beach, CA, that offers multiple levels of care. California teen drug abuse: signs risks and treatment Detox is a premier Laguna Beach rehab and detox serving the greater Orange County area. At California Detox, we have a gorgeous facility just minutes from the beach, with every room offering a bedside ocean view.