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How Does Alcohol Affect Vision and Eye Health?

BAC is expressed as a percentage in that 1% BAC means the individual has one alcohol molecule against 99 blood molecules. If you have any eye problems you worry may be related to drinking, talk to your eye doctor. They can do a comprehensive eye exam to look for signs of cataracts, macular degeneration and […]

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Rehab Services Front Desk Call Center Specialist 130366

Maynords accepts several forms of health insurance and self-pay, but they do not accept Medicare or Medicaid. The Ranch Recovery Centers is an evidence-based facility that walks each of their clients through the detoxification process prior to enrolling them in an individualized residential program. Clients begin with a bio-psycho-social assessment that helps to determine what […]

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How Long Does Alcohol Stay in Your System? Blood & Urine

But if you drink faster than your liver can break the stuff down, your blood alcohol level (BAC) will keep going up. Also, your liver will struggle to turn toxic acetaldehyde into harmless dmt n, n-dimethyltryptamine origins, effects and risks acetate. A blood alcohol level chart can be a useful tool when your plans include […]

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Alcoholic Liver Disease: Reversibility, Signs, Stages

Antirejection medications after transplant can increase the risk of serious infections and certain cancers. However, if you bruise easily, even a minor bump can result in a substantial bruise. A person should seek emergency help if a large bruise develops after a trauma, especially if they also have lightheadedness or dizziness. Alcoholic fatty liver disease […]

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How to Get Someone Into Rehab: Guide for Family Members

Our goal is to establish a positive connection so they understand they’re in a safe space that offers the compassion and support they need for long-term recovery. Below are some actionable tips that may be useful for assisting someone struggling with addiction issues. These steps may help encourage a loved one to join a rehab […]

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